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Regarding to the Kimono Contest 2017
John Truong
Hi LA Kimono Club, My name is John Truong, and I want to know the LA Kimono Club Contest 2016 is still open this event for New Year 2017. Can you let me know this contest, and when is the contest application start? Thank you very much. Best regards, John Truong

2016/07/05(Tue) 13:41 No.153

Student at ELAC
John Truong
Hi Director of LA Kimono Club. My name is John Truong, when is the LA Kimono Club meeting and where is located? Please let me know in advance. Thank you so much. Have a great day. John truong

2016/01/30(Sat) 04:00 No.152

Jan 1 2016
January 1st New Year Celebration at Little Tokyo Weller Court, LA Kimono Club
Kimono Fashion Show Starts 2:35 P.M. right after Mochi Maki.

If anyone participate for Kimono Fashion Show Please let me know I need your name by tomorrow
12/30, and come to the Kyoto Gardens at the Doubletree Hotel (120 South Los Angeles Street,
CA 90012) second middle floor, dressing room at 1:45 P. M.so we can arrange the order of
the program.

Please wear kimono from home. we can check and fix obi and hakam there.

Have a Great Day
Happy New Year,

LA Kimono Club Office

2015/12/29(Tue) 09:18 No.151

Student at East Los Angeles College
John Truong
Can I attent the Kimono Fashion Show at 2:35 pm on 1/1/2016 at Weller Court, please?

2015/12/27(Sun) 12:11 No.149

Re:Student at East Los Angeles College
It's very possible. Please come little early and look for Mrs Fumi Akutagawa and show your Kimono. Good luck.

2015/12/29(Tue) 09:16 No.150

Cleaning silk kimono
Where can I get my silk kimono cleaned?

2015/08/25(Tue) 05:58 No.148

fumie saskai

2015/05/31(Sun) 00:05 No.147

Kimono De LACMA and Kimono sale event
LA Kimono Club Office
着物デ美術at LACMA ----- 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles,CA
Sunday May 17th 2015 11:00 A.M.
13:30 ~15:30 lunch together Ray's & Stark Bar at LACMA

Including this is the first time you can see National Treasure of 4 Raku Tea Bowls.

Please contact with Ms. Masako Miwa for lunch reservation.
e-mail: miwa@raizofan.net

Kimono Sale Event
Sunday June 7th 2015
Place: Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple (Nishihongwanji)
815 East First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Time: 10:00 A.M. ~ 4:00P.M.

Uchini Kaeru hold a kimono event, all the members have 10% discount.
They have all kind of kimonos, Houmongi, Komon, Furisode, Yukata,Children's Yukata, Nagoya Obi, Fukuro Obi,Hanhaba Obi, Kimono underwear, Tabi, Zori, Obijime, Obiage etc.
Go and see them.

LA Kimono Club Office

2015/05/06(Wed) 15:51 No.146

浅井 亮

こちらが仕入先の会社のweb linkになります。http://obiya.co.jp/



CEO 浅井

2015/03/11(Wed) 08:04 No.144


2015/03/14(Sat) 08:48 No.145

Kimono Rental
Saki Kawaguchi

My name is Saki Kawaguchi and I go to University of North Dakota. Our International Organization is hosting a really big cultural event this weekend and I am a president of it and am interested in renting a kimono. I was wondering if any of you are willing to or know someone who would be able to rent me one.

2015/02/03(Tue) 07:54 No.143

Kimono Sale and Workshop
着物に関する小物、帯締め、帯揚げ、草履, たび、振袖、訪問着、かんざし等

834 Plymouth Road
San Marino, CA.

Our sponsor "Uchinikaeru" having a big kimono sale and workshop Dec. 14 (Sunday)
from 10:00 A.M~ 5:00 P.M
If you are interested please visit above address.

LA Kimono Club Office

2014/12/11(Thu) 23:30 No.142

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